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Can Windows Be Resealed?

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What Happens When a Window Seal is Damaged?

If your in-home comfort is down but your expenses are up, there’s a good chance one or more of your windows have damaged sealing. When it comes to identifying the cause and your next steps, we’ve got all the information you need.

How to Tell If a Window Seal Is Damaged 

window with condensation

There are some clear indicators for when your windows need resealing. The most prominent sign is that your window is newly drafty. You may also notice an increase in window fogginess, condensation and even leaks. Check for physical wear and tear like cracked or dry caulk around your windows. 

What To Do With a Damaged Window Seal

While DIY window resealing or getting help from a specialist are options, results aren’t guaranteed. Especially with more complicated window types, like double-glazed and storm, it can be an uphill battle. Plus, even if the resealing goes well, there can be other underlying issues with your windows. For these reasons, replacement windows are often the best option. Especially when you consider that Window World windows come with a lifetime warranty

Other Signs Your Windows Need Replacement

Window seal damage may only be one of many issues you’re facing. Other reasons for window replacement can include: 

Make the Most of Your Windows With Window World

Installing window

Most windows have issues with their sealing after 5 years. Rather than upkeeping sealing to diminishing results, there’s a better-constructed, longer-term option. You can maximize your energy efficiency, savings and comfort with custom Window World window replacements. Get started today with your free replacement estimate.