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The Benefits of Custom Home Windows

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Your home should be just that—your home. No matter what building materials or architectural plans were used to build it, your house doesn’t have to be like every other house. With a custom window shape, your home’s exterior can reflect your unique style for years to come. To explore your custom replacement window options, read on!

What are Custom Windows?

Custom window shapes break the standard mold of square or rectangular window design, allowing you to fit windows into uniquely shaped spaces (or simply add interest by introducing new geometric shapes into your home’s exterior faces). With a custom window from Window World of Atlanta, you can select the shape and frame color that fits your home’s look and feel.

Advantages of Custom Window Replacements

Replacing your outdated windows with a custom product can do more than just showcase your style. The benefits of a custom window shape extend beyond simple aesthetics. 

Increased Energy Efficiency

Window World’s custom windows are manufactured with energy-saving materials and designed to protect your home from the impact of shifts in temperature. Low-E glass window panes protect against high-heat UV rays, while vinyl framing repels inclement weather conditions. Ultimately, you’ll enjoy more consistent indoor temperatures without adjusting your thermostat.

Unique Curbside Appeal

Choose from a wide range of shapes when designing your custom window. Curves, arches, ovals, octagons, trapezoids and more can act as standalone windows or pair with other window styles for more dynamic architecture. And with a diversity of color options available, you can draw even more positive attention to your new windows.

Increased Home Value

New exterior home products aren’t just an investment in your home now—they can increase your home’s value should you decide to sell. Future buyers will appreciate the unique character your custom windows add, as well as the potential for significant monthly utility bill savings their energy-efficient windows can help provide.

Why Go Custom with Us

Design your dream windows with the experts at Window World of Atlanta. Whether you’re selecting a custom shape or a standard style, all of our windows are custom-made to fit your needs. We’ll take precise measurements and consider your budget when helping you select the right window option. Plus, our best-in-class warranty ensures that you can enjoy your new windows for years to come. Ready to get started? Request your free estimate today!