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Do You Have to Get a Permit to Have Replacement Windows Installed in GA?

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If you’re a Georgia homeowner looking to upgrade your home with replacement windows, you may not have realized there are some steps to complete before you can install new windows. Many local governments in the state of Georgia require a building permit to be issued before you can make any changes to the structure of your home. Let’s walk through why it could be a requirement for your area and what you need to know to replace your home’s windows in the Peach State. 

Why Do I Need a Permit for New Windows?

There are a couple of reasons why local governments in Georgia issue permits for homeowners’ home improvement projects. One is for practicality: by applying for a permit, officials can identify whether the improvements you’re looking to make comply with current building health and safety codes. The other is even more beneficial to you. Having the permit logged with the state ensures your home improvement investment is protected. 

Where Would I Apply for a Permit?

Your local or municipal government website should have applications online, but you could call or visit them if you’re unsure. The building or planning divisions of your local government should be able to answer any questions you have. For a larger city like Atlanta, there are more specific offices in place for commercial or residential permits. Only you as the homeowner or a contractor or subcontractor will likely be able to apply for a building permit for your residential window replacement, so be mindful of how you’re applying for the permit. Some cities and counties require you have a contractor’s license to apply for the permit. It’s worth investigating before you apply! For more information on what your individual city or county may require, go here

Will Replacing My Windows Require a Permit?

Cosmetic changes to your home, like installing new cabinets or repainting the walls, do not require a permit since they’re not making significant changes. Window replacements, however, can involve changing the outer structure of your home to accommodate for a different window style, for instance, and does require a building permit. Even if you’re sticking with the same style of window and receiving custom-built windows made to fit their original dimensions, it counts as a structural change. Again, if you’re at all in doubt about whether you need a permit for new windows or window replacement, contact either your contractor or local government offices for city planning or building. Those resources should be able to answer any questions you may have about permit requirements. 

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Now that you know more about why you need a building permit for window replacement, it’s time to think about the fun part of the process: choosing attractive windows that match your home’s unique look. Ready to beautify your Georgia home with durable windows available in today’s most popular styles? Window World of Atlanta is here to assist in making window replacement a smooth, easy process for you. Contact us today to increase your home’s curb appeal in the near future.

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