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The Best Front Door Colors for Brick Houses

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Brick homes are classic and full of character, but choosing the right front door can make your home even more charming.

And we’re not just talking about the design of your door. The color of your front door can drastically increase your home’s curb appeal. Brick homes can make it a little trickier to choose a door color simply because brick isn’t one solid color. Most of the time, bricks will be a similar shade but still vary in color slightly.

Don’t worry, though! Whether you have red, orange, white or gray brick, we have the perfect front door colors to complement your home and match your style.

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Front Door Colors for Red Brick Homes

If you have a brick home, it’s likely red or orange brick. These are the most common brick colors, especially for homes. When choosing front door colors for red or orange brick, go with neutrals or cool colors to contrast the warmth of the brick.

Below are a few of Window World of Atlanta entry doors that look great with red or orange brick homes:

  • White: a classic front door color for red brick house, it will never go out of style.
  • Almond: if you want a light-colored front door but white isn’t your style, try this beautiful off-white.
  • Black: very on-trend entry door color choice that looks beautiful with gold or brass hardware.
  • Smoke: this light, cool gray works as a modern neutral option for those who don’t want a white or off-white door.
  • Clay: a traditional neutral, this shade of tan is warm and inviting.
  • Cypress: this shade of olive green will contrast beautifully with red brick.
front door colors for red brick homes

Entry Door Colors for White Brick Houses

White brick always looks fresh while still maintaining the charm and warmth of its red and orange counterparts. Contrast is also the name of the game with white brick, but you’ll have more choices since so many things contrast beautifully with white.

Below are a few of Window World of Atlanta entry doors to complement your white brick home:

  • Black: a white brick home with a black door may be extremely trendy right now, but it’ll never truly go out of style.
  • Earth Tone: for maximum contrast that’s a little softer than black, try this beautiful brown.
  • Pine: when paired with white brick, this shade of green looks both modern and traditional.
  • Colonial Blue: depending on your style, this shade of blue can look traditional or even coastal. Either way, it looks beautiful with white brick.
  • Valli Red: go bold with this shade of red that’ll remind you of candy apples.
  • Cranberry: if you like red hues, but bright red isn’t your style, this shade of cranberry is right up your alley.
  • Eggplant: if you’re looking for something unique and modern, this shade of deep purple fits the bill.
front door colors for white brick homes

Front Door Colors for Gray Brick Homes

Gray brick is a unique choice, helping your home stand out on its own. To increase your curb appeal and set your home apart even more, choose one of the following front door colors:

  • White: white and gray is a timeless combination that fits nearly any aesthetic or architectural style.
  • Black: stay on trend with a black entry door. Create a cohesive look on your home’s exterior with black window frames or shutters.
  • Cranberry: this deep, warm red will look exceptionally charming with gray brick.
  • Eggplant: if your style is more hip than traditional, opt for a deep purple entry door.
front door colors for gray brick homes

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