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A Guide to Guest-Proofing Your Home

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With the holiday season fast approaching, you may be preparing your home for hosting. We all want to impress visitors, but with presents to purchase, pantries to stock and holiday decorating to do, readying your home for guests needs to be as simple as possible. Fortunately for you, Window World is here to help, so follow our favorite four guest-proofing tips below for maximizing your home’s wow factor while minimizing your holiday hosting stress!

1. Declutter Guest Spaces

Your guests likely won’t have free rein in your home, but the spaces they will occupy (or share with you) should be organized and easy to utilize. These include your living areas, bedrooms, bathrooms, and even your backyard or back patio. However, the primary areas will likely be the bathrooms and bedrooms may be your main focus while decluttering: clear closet space for hanging clothes your guests may bring, create room for suitcase storage under beds and make sure bathroom drawers are available for travel toiletries. Hosting young children? Make sure small or breakable items are stored out of reach of little hands. And if your guests are older, remove any floor baskets, book stacks or other objects that may pose a fall risk.

2. Deep Clean Bathrooms

While you should consider giving your entire home a quick refresh before visitors arrive, it’s worth spending most of your time cleaning guest bathrooms. Help your guests feel more comfortable away from home by offering them a clean space to start and end their days. Use a gentle cleaning solution to scrub your bath or shower, and wipe down all surfaces (including door knobs and toilet handles) with disinfecting wipes. Be sure to provide plenty of clean towels, and as a final touch, hang eucalyptus from the showerhead to promote total relaxation.

3. Prioritize Comfort

Travel-weary guests will thank you when they crawl into clean bed linens or snuggle beneath a plush blanket in the guest bedroom. Wash all bedding and make up the bed before guests arrive so that they can go straight to sleep when ready. Stack extra pillows and blankets for more personalized comfort options. It’s worth noting that you may want to use scent-free laundry detergent to avoid irritating sensitive skin.

4. Provide Extra Amenities

Show your guests that you’ve thought of everything (even the things they haven’t) by providing amenities in guest bedrooms and bathrooms. Stock up on extra toothbrushes, toothpaste and bath products in small travel sizes in case your guests have forgotten something used in their bathroom routine. Place water glasses and a fresh pitcher of water on the bedside table, and stash their favorite snacks in a welcome basket for late night cravings. Thoughtful touches like these help your guests feel more at home with you—and also keep your own stores of toiletries and snacks from being depleted!

Impress Your Guests With Window World Products

Welcoming your guests starts at your front door. With a brand new entry door from Window World, you can greet them in style. Our energy-efficient replacement windows and insulated vinyl siding will also ensure a cozy internal temperature before, during and long after your guests stay. Request a free quote today to learn more about how our exterior products can help you make the most of your home this holiday season!