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The Best Home Decor Instagram Accounts

3 min read

Spring is around the corner, and it may be time to refresh your space. Updating your home decor can be a quick and budget-friendly way to change the look and feel of your home without undergoing major renovations or over-spending. 

Stuck on how to shake things up? Turn to social media for inspiration! We’ve rounded up the ten best instagram accounts to help you do more with home decor.

1. @studioashby

For bold colors, funky furniture and decor inspiration, Studio Ashby has you covered. Headed up by British designer Sophie Ashby, the account features interiors with character and color play.

2. @em_henderson

You don’t have to be a designer to design the home that works for you, and interior designer Emily Henderson is here to prove it. She pairs polished, completed interior inspiration with tips and tricks for home upgrades—including decor additions—that aren’t out of reach.

3. @heywanderer

The Tennessee bloggers behind Hey Wanderer are western design enthusiasts, but their account reveals how much one or two decor items can personalize a space. Check out the way they use pillows, potted plants, string lights and more to introduce color and texture into a room.

4. @thejungalow

Plants are an easy, affordable way to bring color and dimension to your interiors. The Jungalow demonstrates how bringing a bit of the wild indoors can breathe new life into old design. Take a page out of The Jungalow’s book and explore plants of varying heights, leaf shape and leaf color.

5. @ispydiy

If minimalism is more your style, you may not want to go overboard on decor or your dollar investment. This DIY and thrifting enthusiast shows how you can use repurposed or secondhand items to update your space for less.

6. @designlovesdetail

Come to this account for fresh, calming interiors; stay for the shelf inspiration. If you’re short on space but want to up the visual interest of a room, shelves can offer a solution. For both storage and display, floating or stand-alone shelves can be loaded with books, vases, frames, baskets and more. Explore this account for tips on how to organize your new shelves!

7. @houseofhipstersblog

Pair new-to-you secondhand decor items with the existing design of your home for a change that doesn’t break the bank. The blogger behind this account is a regular at thrift stores, flea markets and antique shops in search of decor items with a past. Try a little treasure hunting of your own—there is something for everyone at secondhand stores.

8. @vintagerevivals

Our love of vintage decor inspiration continues with Vintage Revivals. DIYer Mandi Gubler is converting a 1928 mercantile shop into a home, providing inspiration and learning opportunities for followers as she posts. Her account features ideas for repurposing old items and how to DIY your own decor.

9. @restoring_home

If you’re interested in mixing and matching colors, patterns and textures throughout a space, Angela Mueller’s account, Restoring Home, is for you. She provides inspiration for design enthusiasts looking to make small but impactful adjustments to a blank canvas room through pillows, plants and wall art.

10. @hunted_interior

Just as you can layer art, rugs and pillows in a room, so, too, can you layer design approaches. Hunted Interior shows how modern design elements can pair neatly with more traditional elements. A room can be as multifaceted as your aesthetic tastes!

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