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How to Keep Your Kids Safe Around Windows and Doors

2 min read
When you have children in your house, safety is the number one priority. Homes can be full of hazards for tiny hands and curious minds, including the windows and doors in your home. But modern manufacturing means we can offer homeowners greater peace of mind with windows and doors designed for safety. With stronger glass, sturdier frame design and more seamless function, our replacement products give your growing family the protection it needs. Read on to learn about how you can childproof your windows and doors.

How to Child Proof Windows

Stow the Window Cords

On many windows, there are cords that open and close the blinds on windows. These cords may seem harmless, but actually pose a significant hidden risk. Children could easily become tangled in window cords, potentially blocking their air supply. If cordless blinds are not an option, install an out-of-reach hook on which to wrap the cords on the surrounding wall.

Window Guards for Kids

For the commonly found single and double-hung windows, you can purchase and easily install small wedges, known as window stoppers, to prevent a child from opening a window when not under direct supervision. If your home is in a tall building or far off of the ground, a solution like this could be life-saving.

Child Safety Window Locks
Installing proper locks is a very important part of window safety. Depending on the style of your windows, look into window locks that require a key. Stow the window key somewhere your children will not have access to it.

How to Child Proof Doors

Proper Door Locks

Opening and closing a door independently can put your child at risk for injury or wandering off unsupervised. Keep little fingers safe from slammed doors with a door lock that requires a code.

Child-Proof Door Knobs

Install safety covers on door knobs that don’t require a key or code. These safety covers are typically plastic and prevent the knob from turning; only the plastic cover will shift.

Don’t Compromise For Safety

Whether you’re baby-proofing windows or toddler-proofing doors, make sure your home’s products are of the highest quality. With replacement windows and doors from Window World of Atlanta, you can ensure that your home is a safe space for all of your family members. Ready to explore your options? Contact us today