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Maximizing Sunlight Hours in Your Home

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Every homeowner knows you can’t put a price on natural light. And while brightening a space without lamps or overhead lighting is preferable, the amount of available sunlight shifts over the course of a day and throughout the year. Long summer days and high intensity sunlight keep rooms bright and warm for hours, while winter’s chill brings weaker light and early sunsets. So, how can windows and other additions help maximize the amount of natural light in your home? With the tips below, you make the most of the available sunlight, no matter the season.

Install Windows Designed to Allow More Light In

Adding windows to rooms with little natural light can greatly improve the look and feel of a space. If your time and budget allows, install replacement windows designed to let more light into your home. Streamlined sliding windows allow for maximum natural light transmittance and easy access to fresh air. Broad-paned, elegant bay windows offer sweeping views and significant window space for absorbing sunlight.

Use Sheer Curtains or Window Treatments to Filter Light

Brightening a space with natural light shouldn’t require you to sacrifice your privacy. Maintain separation from the world outside with sheer window treatments. Materials like linen allow sunlight to filter through while protecting the sanctity of your home from nosy neighbors. Be sure to choose curtains in neutral colors like white and cream to keep your space as bright as possible.

Strategically Place Mirrors to Reflect Incoming Light

Mirrors of varying sizes can reflect incoming light around a room. Large windows can actually mimic windows themselves when placed directly across from a point of incoming sunlight, doubling the brightness of a space. If a large mirror isn’t feasible, hang multiple mirrors on one wall. Mirrors both increase the amount of natural light in the room and act as fun decor elements that can reflect your personal style.

Layer Light Sources

Lamps and other light fixtures can be used to complement available natural light. Layering light sources throughout a room allows you to control the atmosphere, enhancing the natural light or letting it stand alone as needed. Try positioning lamps in areas of the room that are farther from the windows and may receive less natural sunlight throughout the day.

Let the Light In with Window World

Window World offers a range of durable, energy-efficient window styles that will maximize both natural light and curb appeal, no matter your home style or budget. Interested in upgrading your current windows? Contact Window World of Atlanta today for a free estimate!