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The Most Popular Siding Colors for Houses in Atlanta

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Nothing transforms the look of a home quite like new vinyl siding. Whether your current siding is past its prime or you’d just like to upgrade the look of your home, you have a lot of home siding colors to choose from!

If you need some design inspiration, you’re in luck! Here are six of the most popular home siding colors, and the exact colors to ask for during your free consultation.

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Popular Vinyl Siding Color Options

Light Gray

Some colors like light gray never go out of style. Shades of gray definitely fall into this category. Lighter gray shades are perfect for nearly any architectural style: from cozy bungalows to modern family homes.

Pair it with white trim for a crisp, high-contrast look or go with darker gray or black trim for a modern monochromatic look.

Get the look with one these Window World Siding colors: Platinum Gray, Cape Cod Gray, Sterling Gray

home with light gray siding

Dark Gray

If light gray isn’t quite bold enough for you, dark gray to the rescue! Dark gray is a super modern siding color, and no, it won’t make your home look drab. It’s an unconventional neutral that looks great with both white and brightly colored accents.

Get the look with one these Window World Siding colors: Charcoal Smoke, Ageless Slate, Storm

Front view of entry door


Whether you have a bungalow in the Atlanta suburbs or a townhome downtown, off-white is consistently one of the most popular siding colors. It never really goes out of style, but it has been making a major comeback in recent years as the farmhouse trend became big.

If you’re concerned about off-white being too boring, don’t be! Add dark, contrasting trim and a dark or even brightly colored entry door and garage door for extra visual interest. No one will ever be able to say your home is boring!

Get the look with one these Window World Siding colors: Natural Linen, Antique Parchment

home with vinyl siding 4000 series energy plus finish


A staple of homes on the coast, a blue home exterior is cheerful and welcoming. There is no shortage of blue vinyl siding colors: from cool light blue to bold royal blue to rich dark blue, you have a lot of choices if you’re looking to add some coastal flair to your home.

Get the look with these Window World Siding colors: Mystic Blue, Midnight Blue

blue siding


If blue is a little too bold for your tastes, opt for blue-gray. More toned-down than its true blue counterpart, it’s a trendy choice that doesn’t look like it’s going away any time soon. Add white or off-white trim for a gorgeous high-contrast look, or create a warm look with wood or wood-like accents.

Get the look with one this Window World Siding color: Harbor Blue

home with vinyl siding


A green home exterior is a classic home siding choice, while still being on-trend. While it is usually seen on Craftsman-style homes, it looks beautiful on homes of any style. Add dark accents for a warm and cozy exterior, or choose white for a traditional aesthetic.

Get the look with one these Window World Siding colors: Juniper Ridge, Coastal Sage

home with vinyl siding

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In addition to a new look, new vinyl siding comes with plenty of energy efficiency benefits like lower energy bills and more consistent temperatures inside your home. Get started by scheduling your free consultation today!