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A Guide to Pet-Friendly Windows

4 min read

Pets are part of the family. It makes sense you’d want to make them feel loved and give them opportunities to snooze or play wherever possible! Windows are an often underutilized resource to provide both a spot for rest or to observe outdoor activity, and your pet will appreciate making full use of the space! We’ll take a look at pet-friendly window treatments that benefit both you and your family pet. 

How Can Windows Benefit Your Pet?

There are several good reasons to make full use of your window for your pet. If you live in a smaller home, taking advantage of a suitable window can be a great use of space. No room for a cat bed on the floor in your living room? A hanging cat hammock in your window is a great solution! 

Allowing animals to have their own areas in your home helps them feel like part of the family, so by setting up special toys or beds for them near windows, you’re including them in a way they recognize. 

Additionally, we can’t overstate enough how much most animals (humans included) love simple sunshine. How many times have you found your cat or dog snoozing in a patch of light? Giving them a spot to soak in the sun lets them enjoy the warmth and soak in vitamin D. Plus, pets being in the sun for a good part of the day helps them regulate their sleep cycle, so you’ll both sleep better at night. 

Make Your Windows Pet-Approved with These Ideas

Window Perch

You’ve likely seen these hammock-like perches in cat owners’ windows. If your pet loves warm sunshine or just being nosy about the goings-on outside, give them a space dedicated to making the most of that safely! 

There is more than one kind of window perch, however! Have a feathered friend? Window perches can also be stick-on posts for birds to roost, so if you have a curious bird, this is perfect.

Heavy Curtains

Heavy curtains are an underrated tool in the pet owner’s arsenal. Making sure no light comes in with heavy blackout curtains to wake up your pet can be the difference between an early wake-up call and a precious extra hour of sleep. With a new puppy or otherwise light-sensitive pet, this is crucial. Plus, floor-length curtains provide a fun hiding spot for your pet—for animals like cats, having spaces to retreat is important for their well-being. This is a great one for small spaces! 

Pet-Proof Shades 

Just about every pet owner has battled with their pet over playing with blinds or shades. They’re a tempting target for teeth or claws, which can do real damage if you don’t catch them in the act. Pet-proof cordless window shades, like roman shades or roller shades, don’t have quite so many hanging parts that register as a toy for your pets.  

Window-Mounted Bird Feeder

Does your indoor pet look outside wistfully at birds or squirrels? Bring it a little closer to their imaginations with a window-mounted bird feeder. Birds can safely enjoy a treat while your pet indulges in their play drive without endangering local wildlife. Plus, you may enjoy watching the birds yourself! 

Pet-Friendly Window Cleaners

If your pet will be spending a lot of time near your windows, you’ll want to guarantee the space is safe and clean for them. With that comes checking into what you use to clean windows. On your next grocery run, search the ingredients in the cleaning products. Pet-safe products should be clearly marked, so if you’re in a hurry, this is a good choice. You could also make a DIY window cleaner of 50/50 distilled water and white vinegar. This guarantees your windows will be safe for your pets and clean. 

What Should You Avoid Doing?

Does the Type of Window Matter?

Ultimately, your pet will likely just love having plenty of sunshine to warm them during the day! A window with a wide sill like a bay or bow window allows for lots of space for your furry or feathered friend to sit and check out what’s happening in your neighborhood. As long as it’s a good-sized window that’s close enough to the ground for safe landing when they’re ready to move on (probably to the food dish), the type of window isn’t too much of a consideration. 

Quality Windows for the Best Pets

We love our pets just as much as you love yours. If you’re noticing a draft coming from your windows or it’s simply time for a refresh, let us help you give your pet a great new spot to call their own! We’re here to help—reach out for a free estimate on a new window today!