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Backyard Birds You Can Spot From Your Windows

4 min read

Birdwatching, a quietly delightful hobby for young people and older enthusiasts alike, offers access to nature without necessarily being in nature. In fact, a glance out your rear-facing windows may reveal an abundance of bird species in your own backyard—all of which can be viewed from inside your home. To help you start to identify some of your local feathered friends, we’ve rounded up a list of birds likely found in your Atlanta backyard. Read on!

Common Backyard Birds in Atlanta

1. American Goldfinch

A startling mix of yellow and black, the American Goldfinch is commonly spotted at feeders or picking up stray seeds on the ground below. These small finches are active little fliers and may gather in groups while feeding. Look for these bright, acrobatic birds in your backyard year-round for a dose of sunshine.

2. Northern Cardinal

Most southerners are familiar with the cheerful cardinal, but did you know their red pigment is a result of their diet? Carotenoids, the same substances that make up the red skin of a tomato, are found in the Northern Cardinal’s food sources. When in short supply, males may lose their striking red appearance for a brown more akin to the female. Spot them in pairs (they mate for life!) at your feeder for a closer look.

3. Carolina Chickadee

Perhaps among the cutest of bird species, the plump Carolina Chickadee is a frequent backyard guest—especially if your feeder features sunflower seeds. Look for these tiny-bodied birds in trees near feeders, singing a high-pitched tune amidst other song birds. Their bold black caps contrast against white cheeks, making them easy to identify despite their size. Plus, these curious birds are likely to check you out should you venture into the backyard!

4. Ruby-Throated Hummingbird

Hummingbirds are always a treat to watch as they beat their tiny wings in a blur of green, darting between feeders and flower gardens. Does your backyard feature tubular flowers, like foxglove and petunias? If so, you’re likely to spy the sprightly Ruby-Throated Hummingbird bouncing between them, seeking nectar. You can also mix sugar and water (¼ cup of sugar per cup of water) to fill your hummingbird feeders. Be sure to place them away from potential predators like cats!

5. Mourning Dove

A common suburban resident, the pale brown Mourning Dove can often be spotted atop telephone poles and electric wires, gently cooing. Attract them to your feeders for easy window viewing by sprinkling millet along the feeder platform or the ground below; or, offer safe breeding spaces by planting dense bushes nearby.

6. Blue Jay

Do you have a birdbath or oak tree in your backyard? Keep watch for the electric blue of another common visitor, the Blue Jay! These noisy but intelligent birds are frequent backyard fliers, searching for acorns or a place to take a drink in peace. Install a tray feeder or a feeder on a post, rather than a hanging feeder, to give the Blue Jay more stability while snacking!

7. American Robin

Have you ever heard the phrase, “the early bird gets the worm”? The American Robin is the early bird among backyard species, ready bright and early to pull their worm breakfasts from the earth while you brew your first cup of coffee. In fact, they are even some of the earliest birds to reappear on your lawn after the winter season. Look for their warm red chest feathers when peering out your window in the morning.

8. Song Sparrow

The little brown Song Sparrow is one of the most common sparrows in North America, with a range covering most of the U.S. and Canada, border to border. Song Sparrows feature thick brown streaks on their head and chest, and can often be heard singing melodically in scrubby habitats like brush and shrublands. Find them at your feeder amongst a group of other bird species!

9. Northern Mockingbird

Relentless little singers, Northern Mockingbirds can be heard imitating other bird calls often into the night. In fact, males of the species may learn up to 200 different songs in their lifetimes! Unlike many of the other birds in this list, Northern Mockingbirds rarely visit backyard feeders. Instead, look for them in fruit trees or bushes, picking at blackberries and other sweeter snacks.

10. Red-Bellied Woodpecker

The Red-Bellied Woodpecker’s call sounds like laughter, high and bright from dead trees and tree cavities. Attract them to feeders with suet and peanuts, and watch their bright red caps bob as they feast. Their black-and-white striped backs may also make them easier to spot from your garden window, but we recommend opening the window to listen for the bird’s laughing call.

Admire Backyard Birds Through A State-Of-The-Art Window

Spring is right around the corner, which means lots of birds will likely be visiting your Atlanta yard! Enjoy them through the high-quality glass featured in our windows and doors for an experience with nature from the indoors! Ready to get started? Request your free quote today!