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The “Front Zone” Will Be Huge in 2022: Here’s How to Style Your Front Porch

2 min read

A welcoming home starts with the “front zone,” the space surrounding your front door. Whether you have a broad, wraparound porch, sweeping patio or just enough space for a cheerful welcome mat, decorating your home’s front zone is an easy way to increase curb appeal and make your entry point more inviting. Ready to get ahead of next year’s exterior style trend? Follow the tips below to create an unforgettable front zone.

Install Curtains or Hanging Plants for Privacy

Unlike your backyard or back porch, your front zone is more exposed to neighbors and passersby. To escape any onlookers, try installing billowy linen curtains to enclose the space when extra privacy is needed; when you’re ready for some people-watching, simply push or tie the curtains to the side. For a more structured enclosure, grow vining plants on large lattice panels to create separation between your front zone and public spaces like sidewalks and roads, or hang potted plants from trellises. These privacy elements have the added benefit of offering shade on hot, sunny days.

Include Seating Options

Luxuriating in your front zone requires comfortable seating for you and potential guests. Depending on available space, you can incorporate a large porch swing, bench or rocking chairs. Indoor/outdoor floor pillows are an affordable way to offer seating with limited space, as they can be stashed away when not in use. If you plan to use your front porch or patio for drinks or dining, you may want to arrange seating around a small table. Whatever seating you select, make sure it is weatherproof and remains out of direct sunlight to avoid fabric fading.

Update Your Front Door

Your entry door acts as a focal point for your front zone and is a major player in a home’s curb appeal. Oftentimes, a fresh coat of paint can offer all the sprucing your door needs, but you may want to play around with the modern hardware or customizable glass inserts that come with a new entry door. Try adding a pop of color to your front zone by painting your entry door a vibrant yellow or barn door red. Is a simpler upgrade more your style? Seasonal wreaths can be swapped out year round for a fun front door facelift.

Front Zone Accessories

Just as decor items can personalize an indoor space, so too can they help you bring your style to your front zone. Potted plants in varying shapes and sizes add texture and color to plain patio spaces. Vining plants can increase front zone privacy while also providing a wilder, more natural look for your home’s exterior. Candles and lanterns can provide lighting for long evenings on the porch—and help keep bugs at bay. Bright, weatherproof pillows can reflect your favorite color palettes, and outdoor rugs can soften the space and offer another seating option. And if your front zone is small, make the most of it with a bright welcome mat. Remember not to clutter your front zone with accessories—leave space for yourself!

Upgrade Your Home’s Exterior With Remodeling Experts

While upgrading your front zone can offer you more usable outdoor space, you may be interested in making bigger changes to your home’s exterior. With Window World’s 25 years of expertise, you can enjoy a hassle-free remodel that leaves your home’s exterior looking better than ever. Contact us today for a free quote!