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Energy Efficiency

What is Energy-Efficient Roofing?

2 min read

When choosing new roofing for your home, you may think there’s not much more choice to make beyond texture and color. However, the material and the make of the roofing can provide a difference in energy efficiency that could save you money over time. How can a roof provide energy-efficient qualities that benefit your home’s overall energy performance? You’d be surprised. Learn all about how energy-efficient roofing impacts your home below. 

Benefits of Energy-Efficient Roofing

The benefits of energy-efficient products for your home’s exterior come down to how well they insulate your home, preventing energy loss and overwork for your home’s HVAC system. During the summer months, energy-efficient products keep your home cool inside, and during winter, their insulating elements keep warm air inside. They wrap your home in a layer of sturdy insulation made to keep you comfortable no matter the season—and take some of the pressure off your HVAC system, leading to reduced energy costs! 

Since roofs can cover up to 40% of your home’s exterior, having an energy-efficient roof covering that much space could make a huge difference over time in how well your home keeps heat or cool air in or out, depending on the season. This lessened workload for your HVAC system could lead to a lower energy bill as well.  

How Does It Work?

What elements lead to an efficient roof? It all comes down to how the roof materials are made. We’ll highlight some of these key elements in the images below.

gif of blue roof shingles sliding into place on a roof.

SureNailⓇ Technology

Owens Corning’s patented SureNailⓇ Technology adds an advanced feature to our energy-efficient shingles, giving installers a highly-visible nail line for ultra-precise installation. It also brings strong gripping power to shingles, making them a reliable part of your home even during stormy seasons like summer. 

gif of blue roof tiles with a lock beside it.

Total Protection Roofing SystemⓇ

This series of components applies throughout the entirety of your roofing product, lending a strong barrier against the elements and optimizing airflow in your home’s attic. In addition to waterproofing your roof, it also protects against harsh wind and other weather conditions through a powerful sealing system with strong adhesion. This helps prevent shingles from blowing off as well as encourages water to shed away from the roof. Optimized airflow through a reduction of heat and moisture leads to an airier attic, discouraging mold and managing year-round temperatures. 

Keep Up with Window World of Atlanta for More Ways to Save Energy and Money

Our team is invested in helping make the most of your home with cost-effective, beautiful home enhancements. Our windows, doors and vinyl siding options can all add up to create an energy-efficient home that contributes to thousands of dollars in savings over time on your energy bills. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how energy-efficient roofing can help you have a more comfortable home!