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What Your Outdoor Fall Decor Says About You

3 min read

Summer is a great season, but often we’re ready for fall by the time it rolls around. The crisp, cool mornings, being able to wear cozy sweaters and socks and enjoying warm soups and hot coffee are all great reasons to look forward to the new season. For some people, though, celebrating a new season means breaking out new seasonal decor for your home. Whether you’re looking for ideas for fall decorating outside or just want to know what your typical choices for the fall season say about you, you’ve come to the right place! 


A harvest season staple, scarecrows are great for sentimental fall enthusiasts who love rustic decor and want to offer a friendly face to neighbors. A scarecrow pairs well with lots of natural touches, so if you have a great yard you’re looking to show off, plant the scarecrow around some plants you’re particularly proud of to highlight them! 

Pumpkins Everywhere

You love the dawning of pumpkin spice season. And who can blame you? Pumpkin adds flavor everywhere it goes, including your front porch steps. Since they’re so popular nowadays, you can choose to use actual pumpkins or their more artistic cousins. Glass or ceramic pumpkins add an artsy touch that goes well with modern or contemporary styles.

Chrysanthemum Barrels

You’re a busy person with lots going on, but hey, you still want to show off your festive side! Another hallmark of the autumn season, chrysanthemums (or just “mums”) are easygoing and beautiful, which is why you’ll see them so much this time of year. Even those without a green thumb should be able to keep them alive with just a little water every day. Since they come in a variety of colors from yellow, purple, red or white, you’ll be able to match your mums to any other decor additions you choose. If you want an easy addition to your porch that doesn’t need much fuss, invest in a pair of mums.


Show the world your cheery nature with sunflowers! These big blooms bring a little splash of summer right into fall, making them a great transitional marker from late August even through to early November. Since they’re bright and large, sunflowers make great options for porch displays. Stack up and combine decor on your porch to create a tableau! For example, show your sunny side with a large vase of sunflowers and a pair of small pumpkins on an outdoor table.

Fall Floral Wreaths

A true traditionalist, you embrace the traditions of every season and have a wreath tucked away for every major holiday. This classic decoration brings a splash of fall right to your front door, beckoning guests into your home with a warm fall hello. Wreaths are a year-round decoration option, but when you add fall colors and details into the mix, you get a festive touch that can stand on its own. A simple wreath works well for minimalist styles, or it can be one part of a porch full of decorations if you prefer a maximalist outlook. 

Liven Up Your Fall with Us

Installing new replacement doors or windows could be just the thing you need to really make your outdoor decor pop this fall! As the weather slowly begins to turn, new windows, doors and vinyl siding can help bring savings just in time for the holidays. Get in touch with us today for your free estimate and bring your home’s fall A-game!